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Big Company

AGMSOFT Consulting offers software development services under different modalities:

  • Customized developments (turnkey)
  • Contribution of knowledge (Know - How) to projects in development.


The development environments with which we usually work in our projects are the following:

  • ASP, .NET, ActiveX 
  • Java (J2EE), EJB, J2EE, J2ME
  • SAP
  • File Net, Documentum
  • COBOL - CISC - DB2
  • AS/400 Cobol, RPG, Coolplex, Obsydian
  • Visual Basic, SQL Windows
  • Bases de Datos DB2, Oracle, SqlServer


Our philosophy: Offer a computer department to those companies that, due to their nature or size, do not have it. 

We offer our global service solution:

  • Computing Consulting
  • Development of custom applications.
  • Warehouse Management Systems, billing, accounting, ERP, and CRM(UNIT4 - EKON).
  • Integral maintenance of Computer Systems.
  • Integral Support.
    • Call center.
    • Remote support to customers.
    • Technical Support In-Situ.

Public Administration

AGMSOFT Consulting works, daily, closely with the Administration. We offer the following collaboration scenarios:

  • Own products oriented to Municipal Services.
    • Sport Area:
      • Gesportnet: Management of Services and Sports Facilities.
    • Culture Area:
      • Kulturnet: Management of Cultural Services and Facilities.
    • Museum Area:
      • Kulturnet Museos: Museum Management.
  • Development and adaptation of forms in PDF environment.  Forms of request and data management of Public Treasuries.
    • Tecnology  Adobe Live Cycle.
  • Custom development,turnkey modality and contribution of professionals to the development team within the environments in which we provide more experience.


AGMSOFT Consulting demonstrates its commitment to Research, Development and Innovation for more than ten years with the creation of different products, which have contributed and provide new solutions to the different problems that day-to-day poses ...

As a result of our R + D + i AGMSOFT Consulting sells technology products avant-garde affordable and integrable in small and big projects.

This projects are:

Gesport.Net y Kultur.Net,that allow controlling all aspects of management of sports facilities and cultural (respectively) including system digital identification, Web and Apps multiplatform services, and Domotic control of lights doors, air conditioning systems, bleachers, sports courts, synchronized to schedules and reservations.

S.M.I.D – VDM (Digital Image Measurement System), currently official system of measurement of European Championships, Universiades, and Pan American Games and Central American that allows the millimeter measurement of the Length and Triple jumps in athletics through video.

VRR (Video Referee Recording). Allows the video-arbitration of athletics in races and contests

distintas imágenes del uso de VRR

And currently developing CESAR. An affordable system for detecting false starts in speed races in athletics by artificial vision.

distintas imágenes del uso de césar

Digital Information System

We are specialists in the integration of digital control systems with different software applications developed by us or by third parties.

  • Acess Control System
    • Proximity readers (RFID, Mifare).
    • Biometric Readers
    • Magnetic Stripe Readers
    • Barcode readers.
    • Lathes
    • Barriers.
  • Presence Control Systems.
  • Video Surveillance Systems.


Software as a Service, is a software distribution model where the IT information and communication technologies company provides the maintenance service, daily operation, and support of the software used by the client. It is to have the information, the processing, the inputs and the results of the business logic of the software hosted in the IT company..



Aplicateca is the Professional Response Applications Zone where you will find a wide range of applications and services, to cover the needs of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Fundamental of your business.

This  set of applications marketed by MOVISTAR (TELEFONICA) through a platform designed and supported by NEC for the commercialization of applications in SaaS (Software as a Service) format.


  • Professional applications of:
    • Allow to reserve a space for your personal or Installation Agenda to third parties.
    • Check the status of third-party reservations.

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